Roseman University offers several forms of research software to support researchers. Available research software is listed below:

GraphPad Prism provides graphing software with eight different data tables to choose from, an extensive library of analyses, and automatically updated graphs or results. Prism also offers one-click regression analysis, template creation, duplication, and cloning. Users choose the type of graph that best serves their research, which allows for customization of any part. Data arrangement, data point style, labels, fonts, and colors are examples of aspects that researchers can choose to customize. Users can also export publication-quality graphs to save time and effort. GraphPad Prism also encourages and supports effective collaboration between researchers by offering a comprehensive record of the user’s data that can be shared with one click.

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Qualtrics provides market research services to simplify the research process. Qualtrics software offers design and programming services such as survey methodology, survey design, programming, and translations. Sample and fielding services are available that provide panel/sample recruitment, project management, list distribution, incentive distribution, IHUT studies, focus groups, and computer moderation. Data processing services include data weighting, open-ended coding, data cleaning, and tabulations. In addition, the available analysis and reporting services are Conjoint/MaxDiff, regression analysis, segmentation analysis, TURF analysis, pricing analysis, key driver analysis, perceptual mapping, and reporting.

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SPSS Statistics is a statistical software platform geared towards providing easy to understand statistic services in a user friendly format. SPSS uses a point-and-click interface that is easy to use while offering efficient data conditioning, open source integration, and the ability to store data on the user’s computer instead of using cloud storage for enhanced data security. Automated Data Preparation is also offered which allows for one- step data analysis and preparation. SPSS must be installed on the individual’s computer and is available for all employees’ use.

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EndNote is a reference management software that simplifies finding references, keeping data accurate, and building a bibliography. The EndNote software allows users to collect and directly input citations into their Word documents. Endnote offers the ability to search hundreds of online resources and PDFs for references and to find full text for references with one click. Users are able to read, review, and annotate PDFs while creating rules to automatically organize references. To enhance collaboration, Endnote allows users to share a library, provide write or read only access, and track changes in the shared library by other users.

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