Laboratory Access

Research and Scholarship are core institutional themes of Roseman University of Health Sciences (RUHS). Specific objectives of this theme include the active participation of faculty and staff in scholarship and dissemination of new information. Policies governing access to university laboratories reflect these priorities and are intended to provide for prescribed training and operational guidelines to faculty and staff involved in laboratory research.

All university faculty and staff eligible to engage in research activities will adhere to policies regulating access to university laboratories. Laboratory Personnel refers to any university faculty or staff engaged in laboratory activities. Pertaining to laboratory research, residents in professional programs (AEODO, etc.) will be subject to all policies regulating student laboratory activities.

Key Elements

  • Use of the prescribed forms and resources (listed below) will ensure that Laboratory Personnel who engage in laboratory research activities are aware of and know how to mitigate identified hazards or risks and to perform research activities safely.
  • Retention of Laboratory Access Documents – Documents associated with Laboratory Access training and approval shall be retained by the Dean’s designee for a period of three years with copies provided to Facilities Management.
  • Renewal of Laboratory Access – All training shall be renewed on an annual basis, including risk assessment for approved Extended Access protocols, or as needed when changes in project activities/protocols occur.
  • Termination of Laboratory Access – Laboratory Personnel understand that the use of university laboratories for research activities is a privilege. Adherence to laboratory policies, procedures and guidelines is required. Violation of these policies may result in laboratory access being revoked.

Violations of laboratory policy or any accident/incident (injury or property damage) that occur in a university laboratory shall be immediately reported to the Dean or Dean’s designee. Upon receiving such report, an investigation of the reported incident will be conducted by a designee assigned by Dean as soon as possible. Findings of the investigation shall be reported to the Dean with copies provided to the Facilities Management for incident review. Determination of continued laboratory access is at the discretion of the Unit Dean or Dean’s designee.

Roles in the Process

  • Responsibility for administration of these policies lies with the Dean, who will ensure that sufficient resources are available to support its application in the laboratories within the respective unit.
  • Implementation of these policies is the responsibility of the Laboratory Personnel that work in the laboratory.
  • Documentation and retention of training records is the responsibility of university staff who oversee laboratory operations or to a unit administrative entity designated by the Dean.