Proteomics at Roseman University

Both highly-specialized equipment (e.g. NanoPro 1000 ultrasensitive capillary-electrophoresis-based nano-fluidic protein analysis system) and fundamental equipment (e.g. conventional Western blot analysis instruments and LI-COR’s Odyssey infra-red imaging system) are available for all of the researchers at Roseman University of Health Sciences.  The NanoPro 1000 instrument (higher throughput and 1,000-times more sensitivity compared to conventional Western blotting) analyzes protein expression levels and protein phosphorylation levels with exquisite sensitivity.  The NanoPro 1000 system thus allows for accurate analysis of protein expression/phosphorylation of lower-abundance proteins (previously unrecognized in biological samples when using conventional Western blot techniques) and also allows protein analysis in extremely small sample sizes (e.g. <100 mammalian cells). For more information , please click the link below:

Clinical Outcomes Research and Education (CORE)

The Clinical Outcomes Research and Education (CORE) provides services to enhance the quality of research. Its services include research design and consultation, data processing and cleaning, data document construction, statistical analysis and interpretation, data simulation, sample size calculation, table and figure creation, survey development and validation, computerized adaptive test design and development, survey delivery and automation, machine learning model development and deployment, database design, enterprise data warehouse design, web design and development, data visualization, 3D printing design and modeling, text mining, genomic analysis, image analysis, dashboard design, qualitative data analysis, natural language processing, manuscript formatting and submission, feedback for manuscript writing and consultation for grant proposal development. For more information, please click the link below: